Mastering the Art of Hot Cross Buns: A Gewurzhaus Guide

Celebrate the Easter season at The Block Arcade with the irresistible allure of hot cross buns, a cherished tradition that fills homes with warmth and aroma.  Gewurzhaus, a wonderful treasure trove of spices boutique, located at The Block, are dedicated to making your baking experience truly exceptional, and we’re delighted to share their expert tips and tricks to help you create the perfect batch of hot cross buns this Easter.

A recipe for hot cross buns from Gewurzhaus at the Block Arcade

The Perfect Spice Blend

Begin your hot cross bun journey by infusing your kitchen with the delightful fragrance of our seasonal Hot Cross Bun Spice. This exquisite blend of cassia, ginger, cloves, coriander seed, and citrus essence elevates your baking to new heights, ensuring each bun is a delectable masterpiece of flavor.

A Symphony of Flavours

Crafted with a medley of fruits and spices, hot cross buns are a harmonious blend of raisins, currants, candied citrus, and a tantalizing mix of cassia, clove, and nutmeg. While our Hot Cross Bun Spice adds a delightful depth, feel free to personalize your buns with additional spices or ingredients like rum-soaked raisins for a unique twist.

The Art of Yeast

Working with yeast can be daunting, but fear not! Ensure your milk is lukewarm to activate the yeast properly. A simple test—place a drop of milk on the back of your finger; it should be pleasantly warm, not scalding. Let the yeast absorb the warmth before mixing it into the dough, ensuring a smooth and elastic texture.

The Dance of Dough

Kneading the dough is an art form, and the key is achieving the perfect consistency. Test your dough by rolling a small piece into a ball and stretching it gently; it should form a thin, translucent film without tearing. Once kneaded to perfection, let the dough rise until doubled in size, ensuring light and airy buns.

A Glaze of Elegance

After baking, give your hot cross buns a glossy finish with a glaze made from Vanilla Bean Sugar, Orange Peel, and a hint of Hot Cross Bun Spice. Alternatively, a classic apricot jam glaze adds a touch of sweetness and shine, enhancing the visual appeal of your buns.

Experience the Tradition

As you savor the aroma of freshly baked hot cross buns, indulge in the simple pleasures of life—buttery, toasted buns paired with a steaming cup of coffee or our specially curated Easter Bun Tea. For a twist, explore our Hot Cross Cinnamon Scrolls recipe, infused with the rich flavors of our Hot Cross Bun Spice.

Join us at The Block Arcade – Find Gewurzhaus opposite the iconic Tea Rooms 1892 and hop on a culinary journey this Easter season and create memories to cherish with every bite of your homemade hot cross buns.